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Helldivers: Galactic War Status and Progression

Planet Liberation Players Predicted Time
Other Planets** 0% 0K

Not sure which planet to attack? Go to the one on the top of this list, prioritizing any that are part of the Major Order.

Total Players : 32K | Super Earth Forces Contribution : 0%

Last Updated : 6 seconds ago
Helldivers Galactic War Status Info and FAQ

In Helldivers 2, Super Earth is in a Galactic War with the Automatons (robots) and the Terminids (bugs). During gameplay, you can choose to either attack the robots or the bugs. There are roughly 8-12 planets at any given time that you are allowed to play on, with the ultimate goal of liberating the planets and restoring democracy.

The Galactic War status is global among all Helldivers players, and each and every Helldiver player victory contributes to liberating planets.

This site shows all of the planets that you can play on at any given time, whether to Liberate or Defend the planet from an attack. In addition, it shows the current Liberation progress as well as an estimated time for the planet to be complete

On the top of the site is a brief overview of the main movers in the Galactic War

If you click on a planet in the table, you can see the history.

On the map, there are pins for each active planet that includes its liberation status as well as the rate of liberation.

How does the math behind Liberation work?

  • Each planet has an internal max HP. When attacking, the planet has 1000000. When defending, this varies from 400k-~2mil.
  • Each planet regens HP, usually ranging from 1.5% to 4.5% per hour, but has been seen as high as 20% per hour. The game master can change these values at any time. NOTE - defense campaigns don't regen hp, it is purely timer based
  • Each Operation a Helldiver completes deals damage to the planet.
  • The automatons can also drop a giant nuke on planets to deplete some liberation. This can be seen on planets such as Tien Kwan. These drastic dips in liberation have been 1-2%, occuring as much as 5-10 times to keep Super Earth at bay.

What is the new liberation calculation as of 3/21?

  • The amount of damage you deal when completing an operation is equal to the experience, multiplied by an internal scaler (a combination of impact multiplier and some other variables).
  • The impact multiplier scales inversely with the [running average] total population.
  • What this means is the galaxy has a target goal at how much liberation can be done across the entire galaxy. Check out some graphs @ Planets for real data points.
  • This new method rewards higher difficulties (impact is based on experience) and community alignment (diverging efforts impacts the rates of each other) vs the previous method.

Does abandoning an operation negatively impact the %? No, it does not.

[Outdated 3/21, the new system scales with total players online] Why do all the planets seem to reset their status everyday? Bugs and bots DO NOT sleep, they are constantly pushing back (hp regen). So overnight, when Americans (the biggest player base) are sleeping, the bugs and bots take back a lot of the planet. See the 2nd bullet in how Liberation math works.

What is the deal with "Other Planets"? This is people who are playing the game as an individual, and are having very little impact to the galactic war. They are dealing less damage than the planet regens health, so it's constantly at full health. NOTE - the game master can account for this, so they aren't negatively impacting the userbase. Edit 3/21 - This now negatively impacts the galactic war since there is a total impact that the galaxy can do and some of it is going to "Other Planets"

What are supply lines/connections on the map? Check out this great guide on Reddit.